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The Government’s New Childcare Offers

HM Government has launched a new website that may help you to discover which of the the new childcare offers could help to reduce the cost of your childcare while you are at work. This is called Childcare Choices. Follow the link below and you will find information on all of the childcare offers and the Childcare Calculator which will calculate if you are eligible to claim the new extended 30 hours of free childcare.

As a community pre-school, we feel strongly that as many children as possible should have the opportunity to attend the setting. As of June 2017, a record 54 children are attending on a weekly basis and the preschool is full for the new academic year ahead. Therefore, from September 2017 we will offer a maximum of 18.75 hours (3 full days 9am-3.15pm) of free childcare for our qualifying, working families per week.

From our own research we discovered that only a very small number of our current families would take advantage of their full entitlement if they qualify for the extra free hours. Historically, 18.75 hours is the most number of hours any child attends the setting per week. We feel our working families can then use the remainder or their extended entitlement in a flexible way either with another setting or a childminder depending on their individual circumstances. This will also enable us to balance the needs of our working families and to still be able to be welcome approximately 45 to 50 children per week. We have good working relationships with many childminders and other local settings. We will always take a positive approach to working together and with your permission we will share information with anyone who you may choose to use your remaining free childcare hours with.

This will be reviewed annually.

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